FG2021 Hackathon


IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition 2021, hosted by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Jodhpur and co-hosted by iHub Drishti Foundations (Technology and Innovation Hub on Computer Vision and ARVR), in association with NVIDIA & OpenACC, announces the FG-2021 Hackathon.

This event is open to Researchers, Academicians, MSMEs, Startups and Industries with an objective to bring out Innovative and Implementable Ideas related to computer vision, pattern recognition, computer graphics, and machine learning techniques relevant to face, gesture, body action, new algorithms, and analysis of specific applications.


Important Event Dates

Face and Gesture Recognition Hackathon 2021
Application Deadline: November 03, 2021
End-to-End CV Bootcamp: Novembert 27, 2021
Last Day: December 06, 2021
Final Presentation Day 1: December 15, 2021
Final Presentation Last Day: December 18, 2021
Winners Announcement: December 19, 2021

Event Format

This Hackathon will be hosted online with all times Indian Standard Time (IST). All communication will be done through Zoom, Slack and email.


Problem Statement

FG-2021 Hackathon provides a unique platform to participating teams to work on ideas by applying AI techniques and helping those ideas to see the light of the day. We highly encourage teams from any of the following areas to apply for this event:

  • Face Recognition, Analysis & Synthesis
  • Psychological and Behavioral Analysis
  • Gesture Recognition, Analysis & Synthesis
  • Body Action and Activity Recognition

Application can be in areas but not limited to improving social impact and limit harm, methods for dealing with bias, unapproved use, security etc.


GPU Compute Resource

Selected teams for stage 2 will be provided with access to a GPU cluster for accelerating training and inference.



  • The top 2 teams will get an opportunity to win NVIDIA Jetson kits: The AI platform for edge computing.
  • The top 2 teams will be invited to submit their research work to the FG2021 special issue on IEEE Transaction on Biometrics, Behavior and Identity Science (IEEE T-BIOM). The work will be evaluated for high research novelty and scientific value - as per T-BIOM standards and rigorous process - and based on the review outcome, it may be included in the special issue.


  • Hackathon committee shall have final authority in selecting applications as per the suitability and nature of the proposals.
  • Hackathon committee shall have final authority in selecting winning teams as per the criteria mentioned in the FAQ section.

For more details and registration link please click here.