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Multisensor Optical And Latent Fingerprint Database

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Multisensor Optical And Latent Fingerprint Database

IIIT-D MOLF database has 19,200 fingerprints collected using from 100 subjects using five different capture methods: (i) Lumidigm Venus IP65 Shell, (ii) Secugen Hamster-IV, (iii) CrossMatch L-Scan Patrol, (iv) Latent fingerprints, and (v) simultaneous latent fingerprints lifted using black powder dusting process. The details of the database are given below:

Sample Images


The database is organized in six folders - DB1, DB2, DB3, DB3_A, DB4, DB5. ALl fingerprints are available in compressed WSQ format and in uncompressed BMP format. The total size of the database in WSQ is 600 MB and in BMP format is 21.2 GB. The image size of fingerprints in different subsets of the database and the nomenclature used for naming the images are shown in the table below:


This database is available only for research and educational purpose and not for any commercial use. If you use the database in any publications or reports, you must refer to the following paper:


  • WSQ Format: MOLF Database (548MB)
  • (CRC: E4AD31E7, MD5: 253b6e27e6c8ddeef22944a4a29cdf39 , SHA-1: D7778CE6FBD86A6C94FD77C890E79A4460D8A2EC)

  • To obtain the password for the compressed file, email the duly filled license agreement to with the subject line "License agreement for MOLF Database"
    NOTE: The license agreement has to be signed by someone having the legal authority to sign on behalf of the institute, such as the head of the institution or registrar. If a license agreement is signed by someone else, it will not be processed further.

    The dataset is also available in BMP format (21.2GB). The manual annotation of latent fingerprint is also available. Please write to to be able to gain access to these data.

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