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SmartBox: Benchmarking Adversarial Detection and Mitigation Algorithms for Face Recognition

Deep learning models are widely used for various purposes such as face recognition and speech recognition. However, researchers have shown that these models are vulnerable to adversarial attacks. These attacks compute perturbations to generate images that decrease the performance of deep learning models. In this research, we have developed a toolbox, termed as SmartBox, for benchmarking the performance of adversarial attack detection and mitigation algorithms against face recognition. SmartBox is a python based toolbox which provides an open source implementation of adversarial detection and mitigation algorithms. In this research, Extended Yale Face Database B has been used for generating adversarial examples using various attack algorithms such as DeepFool, Gradient methods, Elastic-Net, and L2 attack. SmartBox provides a platform to evaluate newer attacks, detection models, and mitigation approaches on a common face recognition benchmark.

    To assist the research community, the code of SmartBox is made available on the following link:

    GitHub link for SmartBox

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