Composite Sketch with Age variations (CSA) dataset


The database consists of 3529 sketches and digital face images pertaining to 150 individuals. Out of the 150 subjects, 52 are selected from the FGNET Aging Database, 82 are selected from IIIT-D Aging Database, and the remaining subjects are collected from the Internet. Due to license restrictions, we won't be able to share the images from the FG-Net dataset. Digital images and sketches pertaining to the remaining 98 subjects have been released. The database can be downloaded from here:

Composite Sketch with Age variations (CSA) Database (18.7 MB) (CRC32: 2BD78738, MD5: EE776B95A20471A0EFF1A916A708B5E5)

To obtain the password for the compressed file, email the duly filled license agreement to with the subject line "License agreement for CSA database"
NOTE: The license agreement has to be signed by someone having the legal authority to sign on behalf of the institute, such as the head of the institution or registrar. If a license agreement is signed by someone else, it will not be processed further.

This database is available only for research and educational purpose and not for any commercial use. If you use the database in any publications or reports, you must refer to the following papers:

  • T. Chugh, M. Singh, S. Nagpal, R. Singh, and M. Vatsa, Transfer Learning based Evolutionary Algorithm for Composite Face Sketch Recognition, In IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW) on Biometrics, 2017
  • S. Nagpal, M. Singh, R. Singh, M. Vatsa, A. Noore, and A. Majumdar, Face Sketch Matching via Coupled Deep Transform Learning, International Conference on Computer Vision, 2017