Identification of a person at a remote location and crowded locations demand the deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles such as drones. To maintain the safety concern of both the humans and the vehicle, these vehicles are always placed at a certain distance from each other which is generally larger in coveted scenarios. Therefore, the captured images reflect the following characteristics: (i) low resolution, (ii) low quality due to camera functionality and impact of weather conditions and motion of the vehicle. In this, the effect of the weather conditions is critical to consider for effective face recognition in drone surveillance. In this challenge, for the first time, we will release the drone face images reflecting turbulence-like effects which make not only the problem interesting but complicated enough to solve.

Face Drone 2022 will be held with ICPR 2022

We invite researchers to participate in the Face Drone Challenge@ICPR 2022!


Performing Face Verification
Image enhancement to reduce the impact of environmental turbulence on the image to produce better quality face images