The IEEE conference series on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition is the premier international forum for research in image and video-based face, gesture, and body movement recognition. Its broad scope includes advances in fundamental computer vision, pattern recognition, computer graphics, and machine learning techniques relevant to face, gesture, and body action, new algorithms, and analysis of specific applications. The 16th IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition will be held in Jodhpur, India (Virtual Event). Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

Face Recognition, Analysis & Synthesis: tracking/detection, recognition, expression analysis & synthesis, 3D analysis & synthesis, lip reading, public health, DeepFake, adversarial learning.

Psychological and Behavioral Analysis: facial behavior analysis, gesture recognition and variation, body gait movement analysis, measurement.

Gesture Recognition, Analysis & Synthesis: gesture interpretation, head motion tracking, arm/limb analysis & synthesis, human body tracking, vision based human interfaces, life-like avatars, public health.

Body Action and Activity Recognition: body motion analysis, body movement analysis, gait recognition, human action and activity recognition.

Technologies and Applications: biometric applications, sensors, surveillance applications, feature selection and analysis, fusion of multiple modalities, human computer/robot interaction, socially-aware computing, reality mining.

Performance Evaluation: databases, benchmarking and new protocols, robustness analysis.

Regulation and Social Impact: engineering for evolving legal environment for f&g tech, methods to improve social impact and limit harm, methods for dealing with bias, unapproved use, security.

We invite researchers to participate in the IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition 2021