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Df-Platter Database

Fair Face Localization With Attributes (F2LA) Database

The presence of bias in deep models leads to unfair outcomes for certain demographic subgroups. In this work, we explore possible bias in the domain of \textit{facial region localization}. Being essential for all face detection and recognition pipelines, it is imperative to analyze the presence of such bias in popular deep models. Since most existing face detection datasets lack suitable annotation for such analysis, we web-curate the Fair Face Localization with Attributes (F2LA) dataset and manually annotate more than 10 attributes per face, including facial localization information. We design an experimental setup to study the performance of four pre-trained face detectors utilizing the extensive annotations from F2LA. We observe a high disparity in detection accuracies across gender and skin-tone and draw detailed analysis for observed discrepancies. We further discuss the role of confounding factors beyond demography in face detection.

F2LA database (CRC32: 175b48c3, MD5: 5a26955b053228135ac3a3f19e87c86e)

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 S. Mittal, K. Thakral, P. Majumdar, R. Singh, and M. Vatsa, Are Face Detection Models Biased?, IEEE Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG), 2023.